Company Info
InnoSpire Technology Limited


Software Engineer


Job Description:

InnoSpire Technology Limited is a technology startup with a social mission dedicated to the use of technology to provide visual assistance for elderly and visually impaired people. We are an incubatee under the Incu-App programme of Hong Kong Science and Technology Park. Currently, we are developing the FIRST smart glasses in the world that can provide hybrid human-AI visual support to visually impaired people or elderly.

Additionally, we provide a mobile app to connect visually impaired people/elderly with weak eyesight to volunteers. Real-time video call support can be provided by volunteers to the users in need.

​With smart glasses and/or a mobile app, the user can be supported by backend staff and or volunteers. This support can provide visual assistance to them in their daily lives. Also, it will improve the social inclusion and living standard of visually impaired/elderly people.

Job Requirements:

Develop game app function that is suitable for the visually impaired

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