Application Procedure

Application Procedures
  • Interested companies are encouraged to read the “Guideline for Company Applicants” thoroughly before submitting applications.
  • Interested companies (applying companies) should fill in the application form (e-form) from the Support Scheme’s website ( and submit other required documents via the official portal by 17:00, 30 April 2023.
  • A Vetting Committee will review the applications based on the relevance of business nature of applying companies to the Support Scheme and their track record, as well as the effectiveness of the training program to be provided by the applying companies to the Graduate Employee(s) under the Support Scheme as outlined in the application form.
  • Employing Companies will be notified of the application result together with a user password for accessing the online platform of the Support Scheme at the Support Scheme’s website. The online platform will allow Employing Companies to post information on their job vacancies that could be offered under the Support Scheme and to review the applying graduates’ CVs and e-portfolios.
  • The monthly subsidy provided by the Support Scheme to Employing Companies for each Graduate Employee will be reimbursed to the companies on a quarterly basis upon presentation of proof of employment.
Application Deadline : 30 April 2023 (17:00)      

Notes to Companies
  • The subsidy will not constitute more than 50% of the monthly salary and the employers have to comply with the Statutory Minimum Wage requirement and offer a competitive market rate for salary when employing the graduate employee.
  • If pre-employment interview with applying graduate is needed, it should be arranged by the employing companies with the applying graduates directly.
  • Employing companies should inform the Organizer within two weeks after they have successfully employed the applying graduate(s) (hereafter referred to as “Graduate Employee(s)”) for the Organizer to arrange release of subsidy upon the graduate employee(s) reported duty.
  • In addition, the employing companies and graduate employees need to attend an Exit Interview, fill in the eform (the employers) and questionnaire (the graduate employees).